Can you still be friends after a hookup that went wrong

It’s not a secret that hookups often take place between buddies or good acquaintances. But statistics show, not all of these casual affairs actually go well. Some of them don’t.

Most of us surely prefer to keep friendship going no matter what, so we start wondering how to achieve this. Here are some real people’s stories about their similar experiences.

 “Molly was my good buddy since childhood, and she was also my recent co-worker when we hookuped”, Dean says. “The communication felt broken after, since we wanted different things in sex.

She grew very traditional and full of taboos, while I am open for any experiments. We hated our night together, and it took a lot of efforts to return to a warm relationship we have had before”.

“I was friends with Steven for 10 years before we hookuped at some party”, Jennah shared. “Wow, things went terribly wrong after. He appeared to be such a selfish and rude lover.

Since we continued as friends with benefits, it was only getting worse. I almost totally lost my respect towards him when we both appeared to be brave enough to stop that and regain our friendship”.

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